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2 - Person Chapman Format Tournament
Saturday, June 08, 2019, 08:00am
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.6June Chapman


Chapman Format

To start, each team member takes a tee shot, then teammates switch balls and play each other’s drives. The team then selects the best of their second shots and plays from that spot, the player whose shot wasn’t selected must play the third shot; this means teams may choose their best ball based on who’ll hit the next shot. After the third shot the team alternates shots until the ball is holed.

Here’s an example: Player A & B are on a team, A & B both tee off, A then hits B’s tee shot and B hits A’s tee shot. A and B select which is the best of their 2nd shot, in this example they decide to go with B. A now must hit the 3rd shot from B’s spot. The players alternate shots and B hits the next shot, then A, and so on, until they make it in the hole

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